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Everything You Need to know about Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy means something different at Back To Active

At Back To Active, we know first-hand the significant impact that pain can have on your active lifestyle.

Our Sports Massage Therapy in Bordon offer a comprehensive and effective method for pain relief, enhanced mobility, and overall wellness.

Our skilled sports massage therapists are committed to assisting you in managing discomfort, optimising your body’s mobility and getting you back out there.

Sports Massage is a form of massage originally developed for athletes that involves working with their soft tissues to correct imbalances and problems caused by the repetitive nature of strenuous physical activity and trauma. Soft tissue is connective tissue including muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia and is manipulated by sports therapists using a verity of techniques.

A sports massage is of most benefit a few hours to a couple of days after a hard training session or a demanding sporting event to help correct any imbalances in the soft tissue and relax the nervous system.

However, pre-event sports and post-event massages can also be useful in the warm up and recovery from an event.

A pre-event massage ideally would take place around 30 minutes and last a maximum of 20 minutes before an event. This should consist of a very light massage using predominantly effleurage and tapotement which primary aim should be to “wake up” the nervous system and warm up the muscles. No deep tissue techniques should be used as these have been shown to reduce muscle performance.

A post-event massage takes place straight after the event and should last 20-40 minutes. It aims to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to encourage the removal of waste products such as lactic acid. It can use deeper massage technique than pre-event massage and usually involves some stretching.

Like any change in the training program, you should aim to have a sports massage before your event, especially if you're keen to have a pre-event massage.

Pick a point at least two weeks out from your event and try and arrange a sports massage directly before a hard training session letting your therapist know you want a pre-event massage.

The reason for this is that some athletes can feel “sluggish and heavy” after a massage and like new running shoes, new goggles or a new gel or energy drink it is always important never to experiment with these things on race day.

Similarly, it is not a good idea to train straight after a massage - let your body relax and the benefits of the massage take effect!

Sports massage can benefit nearly everyone, especially those that are physically active.

Sports massage therapy is not only beneficial in the treatment of muscular injury but is also useful as a preventative measure.

If you are a runner, triathlete, swimmer, rugby player, rower, climber, kayaker, cross-fitter or just keen on staying in shape, this therapy is particularly suitable for you.

Our skilled sports massage therapist applies a variety of soft tissue techniques, myofascial release techniques and muscle energy techniques to ease muscle aches and pains. 

Picture of Sports Massage Therapist: Richard Reed
Sports Massage Therapist: Richard Reed

Richard Reed is an osteopath in Bordon and founder of Back To Active in Bordon.

Sports Massage Therapy in Bordon

Choosing Sports Massage Therapy at Back To Active in Bordon Means:

Expert Professionals

Experienced specialists providing top-quality care and guidance throughout your recovery.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Customised pain solutions tailored to your unique needs and condition.

On Top Of Research

Relying on proven scientific research to ensure the most effective treatments.

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We're invested in bringing you a range of services that will suit your needs.

Back to Active Testimonials

What Bordon are saying about us

Louise Eldridge
Louise Eldridge
I have recently been to Back to Active Osteopathy at their fabulous new clinic in Bordon which was really well equipped and very spacious. I was suffering with a painful neck and ankle; I saw Richard who immediately put me at ease and carried out an initial assessment followed by a treatment. He was very patient with all my questions and took the time to explain everything to me. I felt an improvement immediately after the first session and he also sent me home with exercises to carry out. I have seen Richard for further sessions he is very knowledgeable, and I have a huge improvement in the mobility in my neck and ankle. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.
Honestly, if I could give Back to Active and Richard a 10* review, I would. Richard really knows what he is doing, is extremely knowledgeable and super helpful. Do not hesitate to reach out to Back to Active/Richard if you are struggling with an injury, they will sort you out.
Lulu Spurling
Lulu Spurling
Richard did an amazing job on getting my very stiff neck moving again. I would highly recommend Back to Active.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones
I visited Richard after seriously hurting my lower back while moving furniture!!! Having had previous surgical intervention I feared the worst so immediately sought professional advice. Richard was/is superb - he fully diagnosed the issue and reassured me that it wasn't a repeat of previous injuries and with some treatment and some well directed exercises I would make a full recovery. I expected this to be 4-6 weeks but actually played golf a week after!!! I would unreservedly recommend Richard - the offices are perfectly located and the booking system easy. I still cannot believe I was able to recover so quickly! Thank you Richard!
Alison Berrisford
Alison Berrisford
I have recently been having treatment from Richard at BacktoActive Osteopathy for an injury and a few physiological imbalances I’ve been struggling with. After my initial consultation Richard provided me with a few adjustments, a little acupuncture on my hamstring and some work on my shoulder to help alleviate and free up the movement again. I am feeling a noticeable difference in the tension through the hamstring, and my range of motion in the shoulder is greatly improved. He has given me further exercise to incorporate into my workout schedule to ensure I’m making the progress I need. Richard has also started using the shockwave therapy machine to improve the tendinopathy issue I have, and I must say I’ve never experienced anything like it, but I am really pleased and I can’t wait for the next session. I feel like this really is the path forward in my injury recovery. I’ve tried many other treatments over the years, and I am so very impressed with Richard. Working in the sports coaching field, I will be referring my clients to Richard. I have high standards on who I refer them to, and Richard has exceeded my expectations on his treatment for me. A five-star service. The only Osteopath and Sports injury recovery practitioner I trust.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark
Spent 2/3 weeks with bad lower back pain after 1 session with Richard and one night doing the stretches and exercises that he showed feeling alot better and not so worried about my back issue Money well spent would advise anyone not to delay a visit.
shelagh kidd
shelagh kidd
Had restricted movement in my neck and pain in shoulders and upper back. Richard unlocked and freed it up with deep tissue massage and manipulation. The exercises he recommended are helping to keep it all in good working order. My problems had built up over a number of years, but he managed to fix me up in just a few sessions and his fees are very reasonable, no GP referral necessary.

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